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c 34 butchmanns

I’d heard so much about Butchmann’s over the years that I wanted to go through it with Jen. It was held in Phoenix (it started in Tucson), I knew most of the instructors (Master Curtis, Master Bert, SlaveMaster, Master Trish) and also many of the support staff (slave samantha, working in the kitchen, and my Leather brother, slave mikey, serving as a general helper).

However, this was new territory for Master, and I thought we would benefit (as a couple) from going through together. For those not familiar with The Butchmann’s Experience, it is just that, an experience. Founded by SlaveMaster and Master Steve Sampson, it is the home of the spiritual approach to M/s and the events are usually sold out months in advance.

I was permitted to type contemporaneous notes, as I otherwise would not have remembered much of it. I really appreciate that rule bending for me, as I learned a great deal from the experience.

I went through as a Master, as I felt too uncomfortable going through as a slave. Probably a bad decision, and I recognize it as such.

Apart from the outstanding discussions, they exposed us to three experiences: flogging, saran wrap bondage, and needle play. There was extensive preparation and debriefing for each one. We both got a tremendous amount out of the weekend.

We’d been advised not to rush back to our homes and work, so we planned an extra day. On Monday, Master Curtis and slave wen drove us in their Jeep around the back country and northwest to Prescott for a late lunch. We walked around town a bit, then drove back to Phoenix.

c 35 phoenix trip

We flew home the next morning.

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