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Presenting in Los Angeles

I’m writing this on the plane back from LA. Mistress Lisa arranged a 10-day “tour” for me. It included presentations at The Lair, Thresholds, and her own LADs—Los Angeles Dommes and subs. It was a little nutty staying in their house: I was on the living room couch. Anthony is her husband; Jeannie is a permanent part of their Family. I really liked Anthony, but wasn’t sure how much he liked being cast in the male submissive role. He seemed to roll with the punches, though. Jeannie as very devoted to the Family and fits in well.

Lisa, fun and funny as ever, is one of my favorite people.

Knowing how much I like Master Skip and slave Rick, she invited them over for a semi-formal dinner. Was really lovely and Mistress Lisa knows how to throw an elegant affair.

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What a fun event! When I arrived in Edmonton, it was 25-degrees below zero. Very low humidity, so any wind gives a stinging sensation. To my total surprise, when we got out of the car in the hotel’s parking lot, the garage was about 70-degrees! I asked about that and learned that they have to keep the garages heated or they’ll have too much trouble with cars being too cold to start. Wow!

I’ve wanted to present here for some time; it’s Western Canada’s largest BDSM conference. I was something of a special guest, I suppose. They certainly took good care of me and I felt right at home.

Scott Smith was there (I’d worked with him back in 2006 when we made a string of DVDs, one of which featured Scott doing suspension bondage) as well as 4-5 other presenters I knew fairly well. I had a booth in vending and sold a great number of books. In the case of this conference, they’d paid airfare.

c 03 scott smith

I met a couple up there and spent a fair amount of time with them. Their names are Nikita and Ursula. My immediate “take” was that Nikita knows a lot about a lot and we jabbered away for a long time. I hope we’re able to see them again; I seldom meet people with whom I’m so comfortable.

One of the highlights of THIS trip — and why I’m mentioning it in this post — is that when I went up to my hotel room that night to watch TV, I discovered “curling.”

I had only a distant recollection of my father mentioning seeing curling when he was touring Thule AFB in Greenland. They had a curling court set up on base. I remember him saying that it involved sliding a large stone down a marked pathway on ice. As I watched, I became captivated and ended up watching curling matches until about 2am. As it happened, there was a curling competition going on in Edmonton over this same weekend!

It’s funny that I watch curling in my room at night when such fun things were going on in the dungeon. Nikita and Ursula asked how I spent my evening and I raved and raved about watching curling.

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Houston Fetish Flea

I don’t want to write blogs only about all the conferences we attend, however, this one was particularly fun because of our “Playing Hard with a Lady” presentation.

Some background.

I’ve known the event producer for a number of years. I’ve presented at Providence Fetish Flea twice. Although she owns the Fetish Flea productions, she lets Sir Percy handle that one.

Anyway, when we arrived in Houston and were speaking with her about the presentation, she said that here could be no nudity, per the hotel rules.

“No nudity?” I asked


“But this is a class that teaches how to play with a pussy. How do we do this without nudity? Jen doesn’t even own any underwear!”

Well, Jen thought about it for a while and then took the car out and bought some men’s boxer shorts. We then cut the seam open so she was reasonably visible. Rather than have the participants sit, we had them crowd around her and placed a watch-guard at the door. It was a lot of fun when she squirted and the crowd took a unified step back to avoid the splash. Towards the middle of the presentation we just took the men’s boxers all the way off. She squirted and squirted and squirted. Audience loved it.

What an experience!

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GLLA – Jen finds her home in Leather

c 02 glla


I’d presented here in 2008 and had a blast and was very much looking forward to being there again. Very warm and welcoming group: lots of friends that I’ve been seeing on the lecture circuit for the last three years.

We presented a class on protocols (one that conferences often ask for) and one on “Structuring the Structured Relationship.” The classes were well attended and Jen was a big hit.

We didn’t get a table in vending, but we were in the hallway in the lounge area, so the exposure was great. We pretty well covered our costs, so long as I pretend the books were at zero cost. (My publisher charges me as though I were a bookstore: 50% off cover price.)

This was Jen’s first conference and first real look into my world. Sure, she was aware of my previous books and my relationship with my Mistress and slave, but this was her first step into the bigger world. She walked away from GLLA realizing that she belonged in the world of Leather and began her journey down that path. She has referred to this experience as a “coming home” sensation and that she can now behave with her high moral standards and be accepted and welcomed.

We’d love to come back. Great vibes and Sir G takes great care of me.

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Becoming a Presenter

My first presentation “gig” was at Steven Segal’s request: Florida Fetish Flea. This was a small mostly-gay event in St. Petersburg, FL. It took place in a gay sanctuary—a hotel that surrounded a courtyard by its three wings: the other side of the courtyard was blocked by retail stores catering to gays. And, there was a theater for cross-dressers to perform burlesque. Karen’s parents drove over from Cape Canaveral—Judd and Kathy. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Insatiable Amazon (at 6’2” and then spike heels) was also a conference presenter (and friend) came over and spent time with us. It was absolutely magical. I presented on protocols and on M/s relations. These would be my primary presentations for nearly two years.

Master Taino gave me my first big break, letting me present at the Master/slave Conference in 2006. I’d been attending for a few years (since M/sC #2, in fact) but this was my first presentation at an “A-List” conference. I sold books and taught. This was a model that worked for me.

NOTE: From 2007-2013 Master Taino used me as the event photographer. While I enjoyed doing this, the hassle of bringing all that equipment with me to a conference was more than I was interested in. I judged in 2014, but did not return to MsC in 2015 or 2016. 

photo 33 msc flags

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