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Because the worlds of BDSM and Master/slave are so different, we have created two new book series:

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BDSM Mastery

This series of books is the world of sado-masochistic (SM) play and Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationships. There are two books available in this series: one on play, parties, and scene protocols and the other on D/s relationships.

In my world, D/s involves a dominant and a submissive, and the submissive retains some personal rights -- where and when to work, religion, contact with friends and biological family.


 ms mastery updatedmaster slave mastery advanced

Master/slave Mastery

This series of books is about authority-transfer relationships. The only book now available is a rewrite and substantial expansion of my prior book titled: Master/slave Relationships: Handbook of theory and practice.
In my world, M/s is based on service and obedience and where the slave falls on the personality scale from dominant to submissive is secondary to the slave's quality of service and obedience. Here, the "s" can easily stand for "subordinate" rather than "submissive." As in, the Colonel is subordinate (but not submissive) to the General. In my world, the "s-type" in the M/s relationship is owned property.

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