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ms protocolFocusing the intent of your relationship

Robert J. Rubel Ph.D.
M. Jen Fairfield

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This book is a map to help others design their own personal protocols. It is a book that provides countless tips and techniques for Masters so they can clarify how they, themselves want to be served and then gives details about how we (within our relationship) translated those wishes into elegant service.

In our experience, a protocol manual is much more than documenting rules of service. Writing a protocol manual helps you examine and refine your relationship and your relationship management style. The very process of creating a manual such as this reveals the kinds of service Master really wants from the slave and the kinds of service the slave can actually deliver. In that light, writing a protocol manual is an exercise in clarifying the intent of your relationship.

Structured relationships take a god-awful amount of work. At some point you’re likely to find yourself wondering whether it’s all worth it. It is at this point that Master must honestly assess whether or not he/she is willing to pay the price to re-energize the relationship so it operates as it was initially designed. For many, this is the point at which Master confronts a key question: is it in the slave’s best interest to sustain the illusion that the relationship, itself, is functional.

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