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Protocols: a Variety of Views

Not all Families use protocols. Those that do use protocols in their relationship range from using only a few protocols to having an extensive Protocol Manual written out for the slave’s use. Those who use common Leather protocols may use them slightly differently, based on the part of the country in which they live. One often hears about “East Coast versus West Coast” styles of protocols. Also, many Masters or Doms make up their own protocols as befits that particular relationship.

All this is good. This issue contains articles from Masters and slaves that represent divergent views. More importantly, many of these articles discuss the philosophical basis for the way protocols have developed within their Families. The reason that protocols vary so much between Families is that protocols serve a few important aspects of a power exchange or authority exchange relationship: Protocols give the Master/Dom an opportunity to shape the daily structure of life with a slave/submissive.

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Art of slavery edited by slave laura

One often hears: “It’s easier said than done.”  This is certainly true of the art of slave service.  This is a delightful collection of nine essays written by established slaves who offer readers a glimpse into the world that they have created with their Masters.

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Playing with Disabilities edited by Angela Stassinopoulas

This is a book crammed with information. Information about some of the challenges faced by those who wish to maintain a kinky life, and have "disabilities" to overcome. The Issue Coordinator—herself a specialist on issues involving most disabilities—has done a remarkable job finding lucid writers to cover a representative sampling of disabilities. Authors have written articles about being wheel-chair bound, about being blind, being deaf, and about some of the surprises/challenges that can come from living and playing with someone with clinically diagnosed mental disorders.

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Rope, Bondage, and Power edited by Lee Harrington

There is no other book currently in print that covers such a wide range of topics for rope enthusiasts. There are many extraordinary rope books in print, but they are almost exclusively guides to how one goes about learning this art. Said differently, virtually all the rope books in print are meant to help readers learn the how of rope bondage. That’s not what this book does. This book shares the views of seventeen prominent riggers as they explain the why of their art. This book is about the power of rope. This book is also about the power exchange aspect of rope. Even more that that, this book is about the intimacy of rope.

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Age Play edited by Robert J. Rubel

Age play is a form of role-play enjoyed by many adults worldwide. Age play never involves biological children and is a role-play for consenting adults only. As you will read in this issue, there is no “one way” to live out the role one chooses. We have collected a gallery of age players from across the country with different orientations and personalities. Each of the authors showcased in this edition will share their story and style with you. It is our desire that those looking for a place to begin their age play journey will find a path of direction that will help them move forward. For those who have started your path, may you gather fresh ideas and outlooks to add to and enhance your age play. Join us as we share our heartfelt joys, heartbreaking sorrows, moments of personal enlightenment, and just plain fun moments through the articles that follow.

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