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master slave mastery advancedRefining the fire—ideas that matter

Robert J. Rubel Ph.D.
M. Jen Fairfield

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In my view, the Master/slave dynamic provides an almost unique opportunity for a like-minded couple to design a magical life for themselves… so long as their purpose and intention is aligned. When you find a strong, visionary leader coupled with a strong supportive follower, quite a bit can happen. However, this formula of interconnected service and support is contrary to the Master/slave dynamic often expressed in fiction. In most M/s fiction, the slave simply does as Master instructs because that’s the way it is. The problem with that approach is that by the time the slave is 70, he/she may well feel that their life has been thrown away fulfilling someone else’s dream. They may feel sad and bitter.

This book presents many viewpoints on M/s relationships that I have picked up from dozens and dozens of M/s relationship workshops, dozens of books, extensive discussions with hundreds of people who identify with Mastery and slavery, and from personally living in structured M/s relationships since 2003. I have lived as property, as Master, and currently as slave. I am a psychological switch, but you would know that simply from this sentence.

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