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JenJen has extensive experience managing authority-imbalanced relationships.  Her D/s experience began in 1992 as she dipped her toe in the water with a nurturing Mommy/boy relationship.  Seeking more control than the Mommy/boy relationship could offer, Jen ended that relationship after one year and - following a year of introspection and personal clarification - entered a full-blown D/s relationship that she ran for another 16 years.

Jen found her home in the Leather culture in the fall of 2010 and has embraced her calling as a Leather woman - to live a highly focused life with a partner (or partners) who are willing to hold themselves to exacting moral and ethical standards.

Having worked with Dr. Bob over the last several years both with his presentations and his writings, Jen now presents on her own. A voracious reader gifted with a powerful memory, Jen brings a wide range of insights and humor to any discussion.

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