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My Father Dies

Sorry to be a bit disconnected here and on FetLife these past few days; we're in Santa Fe for my Father's (John H. Rubel) "Celebration of Life" service. He died earlier this month; he was nearly 95. He was a very accomplished and interesting person. He was
This party, for that's really what it was, was held in one of the largest homes I've ever been in. I would guess 10,000 sq feet or more. Lavish. Well staffed. Well catered. LOTS of people--perhaps 100.   My younger brother (William) made the Family's speech at the memorial service that took place before the “heavy appetizers” when everyone mingled in the lower level. According to Jewish tradition, I should have done it, but Robin (Father's wife) didn't want me speaking. Probably a good thing: our relationship had not survived my decision to divorce Margo, my first wife, as we still had young children at home. 
At any rate, I'm glad to have Master here with me. This house and the way the guests were served was a snapshot of a lifestyle you only see in movies.

I've been reflecting on Father, of course. He lived through an unrepeatable time in US history. In about 1948, he was the eleventh employee of the Hughes Aircraft Company. Still at Hughes, he headed the laboratory that developed the geo-stable satellite in the late-1950s. From Hughes, we took a senior position in the Defense Department but continued to shepheard the development of the geo-stable satellite system that today enables modern telecommunication. I'll stop, but the rest of his life was about that interesting and it's been (shall I say) "curious" to be tangentially associated with him. He was 100% mentally acute until about two weeks before he died. He was still writing in his last book until four days before he died. For those interested, you can look him up on Amazon: John H. Rubel and in Wikipedia (

I thank each of you for your truly warm and supportive sentiments.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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