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Phoenix APEX Intensive

Master Curtis and slave wen had set up the weekend for an intensive. I spent the week before this intensive visiting my Father while Jen stayed home working. We timed our arrival at the airport in Phoenix to within minutes of each other on Friday and returned home together this past Tuesday, as they had a club that met on Monday nights that wanted us to stay and present.

We did a string of classes from Friday to Tuesday for APEX, the Arizona Power Exchange. Archer and Tess run this, and we were staying at their house. I’ve known Archer for years, and like one another quite a bit. I’d not met Tess before. She’s a real estate agent, I believe.

Here was our schedule:

Friday Night

  • 7-9:30pm: Erotic Fire Play for (His) Fun and (Her) Pleasure


  • 10–12: Understanding How Power Exchange Relationships can get into Trouble

  • 2–5: An Interactive Afternoon Exploring Foreplay as a Scene & Playing Hard with a Lady

  • 8-midnight: play party


  • 11-1:00 Why are we Clashing Like This? Exploring Common Communication Upsets

  • 2–4 Avoiding Marshes and Bogs in Relationships – an Exploration

  • 7:30-9: Distinctions between “Leather” and “Not-Leather” for the MAsT meeting

Monday Evening

  • 7:15-9:30p: Using Protocols to Make your World Special

This was the best intensive we’ve ever put on. Partly, this is because I know a lot of people in the Phoenix crowd, and part is that Archer and Tess and Master Curtis and slave wen are particularly good at organizing the club members for events such as these.

I met Master Amy and slave mikey on Sunday at the MAsT meeting. This was one of the “stand-out” events of the weekend. He and I had a spark of soul-level recognition. I don’t know if anything will ever come of it, but to see him kneeling at Master Amy’s feet spoke volumes about who he is, who she is, and what their relationship must be. Really beautiful.

Upon speaking briefly with him after the class, I now realize that he is a dominant heterosexual slave. He is the first dominant slave I’ve ever met.

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