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Canes are a precision tool and require instruction when you’re starting out. Canes are an advanced tool – you can hurt someone by accident. When you use a cane, you should expect bruising, marking, and (often) cut skin: this must be pre-negotiated.

Because some kinds of canes cannot be thoroughly cleaned, many people who play with traditional rattan canes consider them to be one-person tools.

A cane strike compresses the skin making it a two-fold blow. The bottom feels and initial sting, then, a few seconds later, the nerves that were compressed with the skin begin to return to their original size and a new, searing pain fires up radiating outwardly from the twin welts.

Moving beyond hand-spanking

Many people move beyond hand spanking by using a paddle. That raises the question about the kind of paddle you should get. If you’re new to this, get a lightweight paddle that has a decent head size. You’ll want some experience before you grab a heavy paddle. Spanking paddles are made of wood, plastic, leather or rubber.

As a paddle is flat and inflexible, it is too blunt to leave stripes—only bruises can result from excessive force—and because of its size. it is unfit for a particularly painful “bulls-eye” in the butt-crack (affording the spankee at least a modicum of protection).

Generally the physical impact is therefore not greatly increased, only the humiliation, if administered bare-assed, (except in the case of the holed paddle, the original, oblong model was known as a Spencer paddle), which causes the victim to blister much faster (these holes may be beveled to reduce the chances of blistering).

In the great majority of cases, the paddle is aimed at the recipient's buttocks; rarely, the back of the thighs might also be targeted.

On the other hand, if the damage allowed is limited, inflicting strokes less intensely allows prolonging the duration of the ordeal of the paddling, as to work over different parts of the butt; prolongation is also possible by pausing, which has the added effect of causing the victim to suffer further mentally (and ponder the offense being punished) while having to wait for the next painful installment.


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