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(Presenter: Dr. Bob) This class is suitable for those new to our culture.

Power exchange relationships can be difficult to sustain over time.  It takes a lot of ongoing work to keep such relationships fresh and it’s easy to slip back into more common archetypes (“husband/wife” or “boyfriend/girlfriend).  This workshop covers such topics as: initial reasons why a power exchange relationship can get into trouble; ego and insecurity in relationships; structural reasons for difficulties; exploring fear and anxiety among slaves and submissives; inability of one partner to be what the other wished for; and an exploration of positive characteristics one might look for in a partner. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)

Keeping New Relationship Energy Going: Some Ideas for Living in Romance
(Presenters: Jen and Dr. Bob or Jen alone)

We have all experienced the excitement, the fun, and the sexual thrill of a new relationship.  We have experienced times when we couldn’t focus much beyond our new partner.  Then, almost without awareness our world returned to the mundane, leaving us yearning for what now seems lost.  Come join our class as we share some strategies for falling in love again night after night.

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