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(Presenters: Jen and Dr. Bob or Dr. Bob alone)

Protocols are an outgrowth of your values.  Some are tried-and-true, some you’ll have to create to suit your own relationship.  You can create protocols that support your own version of a magical world and you can create protocols that solve challenges that come up within a relationship, such as getting back into Master or slave headspace after a long day at work.  Protocols can also be used to help stabilize relationships that are being pulled back to the land of vanillas.  We’ll discuss practical protocols, and attendees will have the opportunity to ask for help designing protocols to fit their particular needs. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)

My Book Supporting this Presentation:  Protocol Handbook for the Female slave: Theory and Practice, second edition. Las Vegas: Nazca Plains, 2007

The Ethical Guide to Writing Your Own Protocol Manual: A workshop for Owners, Masters, and Dominants
(Presenter: Jen)

The first step in writing protocols is to determine what is important to you and why you want it done in a certain way. To do this, you have to understand HOW you want to be served.  The second step is always to consider that your slave is a person who has needs that are important to them and also that they have certain ways of learning things even as you have certain ways of teaching.  Your job as Master is to be able to develop protocols and rituals that support who you both are and incorporate your needs with your slave’s needs to create a magical world in which the two (or more) of you live.

Note: As of September, 2014, Jen has completed the first draft of her book tentatively titled: Master/slave Mastery: How to Write Effective Protocols that Serve You in an Authority-Imbalanced BDSM Relationship (Expected publication date, December 2014)

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