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(Presenters: Jen and Dr. Bob or Dr. Bob alone.)

Long-term authority-imbalanced relationships are not accidental; they require ongoing hard work.  However, the areas that require thought and work are often subtle – you may not even think of them on your own.  We’ll discuss topics such as aligning your core values, discussing how you define yourself and your partner affect your relationship, as well as a host of concepts/ideas for your consideration – all aimed at improving your relationship and supporting your own growth and the growth of your partner. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)

Grappling with Some Hidden Elements of a Power Exchange Relationship
(Presenter: Dr. Bob)

Certain words describe concepts that in turn describe key aspects of power-imbalanced relationships (Owner/property, Master/slave, Dominant/submissive, etc).  When there is disagreement between the D-type and the s-type regarding these concepts or how to fulfill them, destabilizing stresses begin to surface.  Topics include:  management issues; decision-making; love in relation to obedience and punishment; fear; punishment and punishment systems; and service.  This interactive session will explore some of these elements in an effort to discuss ways to ensure and sustain a stable relationship. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)


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